Modul 1: The health Informatics professional
Modul 2: Communication systems
Modul 3: Data quality an dsecondary uses
Modul 4: Information systems and Technologies
Modul 5: Knowledge managment
Modul 6: Health technologies and telecare
Models run from Monday to Thursday with an optional tutorial day on Friday per month.
School holidays: 29-Oct-07  -  2-Nov-07  -  Half-term
                              22-Dec-07  -  6-Jan-08  -  Christmas
                              11-Feb-08  -  15-Feb-08  - Half-term
                              21-Mar-08  -  7-Mar-08  -  Easter
                             26-May-08  -  30-May-08  -  Half-term
Submission deadline for resubmitted assignments: 18-Aug-08
Provisional marks available for resubmitted assignments: 1-Sep-08

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