School doesn't teach us. I must sort out the critical analysis before I start out the assignment. 
1. Identify the focus of the assignment:
    A critical analysis of a health informatics technology from the clients' perspective.
2. Identify your own point of view:
    A critical analysis of website from the parents' perspective
    website: website consumer can help parents to adopt
    clients: parents of premature babies
   sum up to one sentence:
    A critical analysis of website consumer from the parents of premature babies

3. consider how you'll persuade other people of your point of view:
    draw up reasons list -->logical order
4. Find the proof:
    reputable sources -->what I thought of them
5. Engage in debate:
     read- reflect-question-evaluate -->to weight up/identify their strengths adn weaknesses
6. Sturcture your argument:
     organise my reasons and evidence into a clear structure

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