To begin with, the first school I attened was Ching-Shuei Elementary School when I was seven years old. I spent six years in that school. After that I attended Chongcing Junior High School in order to finish Nine-Year-Systematic-Curriculum which is compulsory education which aims at nuturing young students to reach maturity. Meanwhile, I had recognised five fields of knowlege, and they are moral, academic, physical and artistic studies and co-operation with others.
After the primary education, I had to choose my careere. My parents had given me a lot of advice and support. It was an awful period at that time. There was an essential exam and vitally important for those students who wanted to join the occupational training school. I had been studying very hard for one year. Subsequently, depending on my final result, I chose nursing school to be my further education. However, I was only a sixteen-year-old girl. Afterwards, I attended five years nursing courses including hodpital practice.

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