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從昨天晚上就是風大加上雨勢,一夜無法好眠了, 早上也覺得天氣怪的莫名,一下有陽光一下又下雨,坐在窗戶旁邊忽然聽到雨聲變的好大,轉頭一看竟然下起冰雹,但是溶化的很快,覺得很新奇的我上網查了一下:
Hail occurs when ice pellets falling from the top of the cloud collect a film of moisture as they descend.from: BBC weather
Hail is produced inside storm clouds and is made of solid ice. Hailstones can grow to dangerous sizes before they fall and have to be at least 5 mm (0.2 in) across to be considered as hail. If the particles of opaque ice are smaller than this they are known as 'soft hail' (graupel or snow pellets).

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19 Nov 2007

To assess the safety and efficacy of the anti-obesity drug rimonabant.

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It is thought ADHD could affect up to five per cent of British youngsters.

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Two firefighters
Fire officers have briefly entered and spent a few minutes in the warehouse to conduct an 'initial visual assessment'. In the devastated firm, there were firefighters missing and feared dead after a suspected arson attack. The blaze was eventually extinguished after burning for more than 12 hours. 

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UK 'needs to be in space'
It is probably too late for the UK to play a role in the Internationional Space Station(ISS), 
are they totally blown it?
Warns Alan Thirkettle, a Brit who left the country to lead European Space Agency(Esa) projects. He says, the UK only contributed to the space programmes in the early 1980s, such as communication satellites, that were of immediate financial benefit to industry.

Build for those bold ventures
While it may be too late for the UK to build an astronaut corps in time to take advantage of programmes aboard the space station, the US is leading an effort to return astronauts to the Moon by 2020 and prepare for even longer missions to Mars and other bodies in the Solar System.  

Exploration across our planet
The UK Space Exploration Working Group (SEWG) said British participation in manned missions was vital for both UK sciece and economy. It is time for a new vision and a more distant voyage.

Nasa plans to finish building the space station by 2010 and then retire the space shuttles. The addition of a second crew module on the ISS in late 2009 or early 2010 will enable the space station to support six full-time residents instead of three.
other vocabulary: Russian Soyuz Capsules, space policy, space ship,space shuttles(太空梭), space travel=spaceflight 

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01 Nov 2007
Caesarean sections increase the risk of poor outcomes for mothers and babies, reported three national newspapers (31 Oct 2007). These articles were based on a large cohort study the conclusions of which appear appropriate. 

The reports were based on a study published in the BMJ(4). The WHO funded study collected data on 93,000 births from 120 hospitals in 8 Latin American countries. The data showed an approximate doubling in the risk of maternal death or serious complication with planned caesarean section after other explanatory factors had been accounted for. The risk of death for babies presenting breech, delivered by a planned caesarean was one quarter of that following vaginal delivery. The risk of being admitted to intensive care for babies presenting head-first after planned caesarean was doubled.
我還是很鼓勵自然產,(雖然我知道有很多人受過自然生產之苦)但是跟寶寶用最自然的方式見面,馬上的她可以產台試吸這個難得的機會只有一次,就是初為人母的無限的愛的體驗,也是寶寶呱呱墜地的頭一次愛的饗宴!! 何樂而不為呢?


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30 Oct 2007

Ultra-violet (UV) light therapy could be used to destroy tumours, reported three newspapers (30 October, 2007). The articles are based on a laboratory study involving mice engineered to have ovarian cancer. These findings cannot be applied to people at present.

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Bicycles chained in the street in Peterborough
The team encouraged Peterborough motorists to cycle

Major aime at cutting carbon emissions

A nationwide advice: switching to greener forms of travel could help break Britain's dependency on the car.
The idea is that many people are receptive to suggestions they could travel more greenly but simply don't know how.

Travel smart

Practical advice: reams of maps( new cycle map), timetables.
Of course simply stopping people from travelling as much would have the same effect but government acknowledges that this could damage the economy. A failur to tackle climate change itself could have economic consequences.
A new high speed rail line from London at least as far as Birmingham may be needed to improve crowded transport.

congestion charging

London to Glasgow Virgin Pendolino train
London to Glasgow trains are becoming increasingly crowded

Motorway widening is already going ahead. However, the priority must be to remove the bottlenecks from the network. Manchester is a front-runner to be the second congestion charging area in Britain after London. 

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25 Oct 2007
The flu vaccination does not reduce hospital admissions among the elderly, reported four newspapers (24 October 2007). Some newspaper headlines overstate the results of a reliable study which found flu vaccination had no effect on whether over-65s with respiratory illness needed to be hospitalised.
話雖這麼說,流感疫苗無法降低老人住院率或是呼吸系統問題而住院的個案數,但是流感疫苗確實讓很多老人跟小孩多了一層保護,時序漸漸進入秋冬寒冷之際,馬偕總是會為醫護人員施打流感疫苗,還記得我總是那個逃兵之一,原因無他: 怕痛阿,但是為了健康的身體受一點痛也是應該的,記得提醒身邊的人去打疫苗囉。

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Nurses to decide on resuscitation
TV medical dramas often give a rosy view of resuscitation
Experienced nurses should have the authority to decide if patients should be resuscitated, according to new guidelines to health professionals.

Until now only consultants and GPs were allowed to decide on resuscitation.

The guidelines were issued by the British Medical Association (BMA), the Royal College of Nursing and the Resuscitation Council.

The Patients Association welcomed the move, saying nurses were better placed than doctors to know patients' wishes.

Death with dignity

The Resuscitation Council said resuscitation may only work in 5% of cases, and that the guidelines aim to avoid "undignified and unnecessary" resuscitation of patients who would not benefit from it.

The guidelines recommend that only "suitably experienced" nurses should be able to make the judgement.

The Resuscitation Council said that through television dramas people had been led to believe the resuscitation procedure is both more effective and more pleasant than it is in reality.

Sometimes it is a prolonged and traumatic procedure and is not always successful
Dr David Pitcher

"The survival rate may be as low as 5% in certain individuals. The outcomes are extremely variable but they are nothing like what we see on TV.

A Patients Association spokesman said: "Nurses have always been closer to patients who are severely ill than doctors.

"They will know more about the personality of the patient and their attitude towards death during a severe illness."

Nick Moore, of Dignity in Dying, which campaigns for greater patient choice at the end of life, called the changes "common sense".

"Unnecessarily resuscitating a patient in the last weeks of their life can often prolong suffering," he said in a statement.


However, in the case of someone being brought to hospital from the street, a clinical judgment would still have to be made without that information.

The Patients Association spokesman said: "End of life is inevitable for all of us. We need to be reassured that we can reach it and die with dignity in as much comfort as possible with the respectful care of qualified health professionals."

最能為他們出聲 決定繼續壓或不壓
才是真正知道什麼是他們要的 在他們無法為自己出聲的時候 最能代表他們的就是(資深)護理人員
例如年事已高的久病病人 急救只是帶來更長久的痛苦的病人等等

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Remember to turn your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night, 27th October. This means you get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning!

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