Last year, Tom and Fiona decided to buy a house. They had been saving up for ages, and by the end of May they had put by enough for the deposit on a house. (background describing)They were living in a tiny flat at the time and Fiona insisted that she wanted a house with a big garden. They had been searching for only a few days when they found exactly what they were looking for - a two bedroomed house in nearly an acre of garden. Unfrtunately the owner was asking (expressing annoying)much more than they were willing to pay, and when they looked more closely at the interior, they saw that whoever had lived /had been living before, had made an absolute mess of the walls and floors. Still, Fiona liked the garden and the location so much that she managed to convince Tom that, despite the price, it was the perfect house for them.

Last summer some friends and I arranged to go camping. We had been looking forward to going for weeks when finally the date of departure arrived. We loaded the car with our luggage and set off  early in the morning. The weater was perfect, the sun was shinning bughtly and the wind was blowing gently(background describing). There was not a cloud in the sky! Shortly afterwards, while we were travelling along the motorway, we noticed that the car was making a strnge noise. Pete, who had been driving/was driving very fast, suddenly stopped the car. Everyone got up and went round to the back of the car. To our surprise the boot was wide open- whoever had loaded the luggage had not loaded it properly, and eveything had fallen out! 

When she was growing up Beatrix Potter was very fond of animals and had been always drawing pictures of her pet rabbit. She earned a living as an illustrator for several years before her dream of becoming an author came true. It was the result of a letter she had sent to a sick child decribing the adventures of four rabbits. She published it later as "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". It became an instant success and more tales followed. By the time Beatrix died. She had written over twenty-five tales and had achieved recognition as one of the greatest children's writer.
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