Technology has made such dramatic advances in the past decade that by the year 2050 who knows what changes will have taken place. It is quite likely that by 2050 we will have used up most of the earth’s natural resources and so we will be relying on wind power and hydropower for our energy needs. As a result of this shortage of energy, it is quite probable that scientists will have found a way for us to live outside the earth. By the next century it’s possible that people will be living in cities on the Moon or perhaps in cities on the seabed. It is to be hoped that scientists will have discovered cures for fatal diseases such as Aids and due to the advancement of genetic engineering, hereditary diseases passed down from generation to generation will no longer exist
It is quite possible that by 2050 life expectancy will have increased to 100 and that we will be able to enjoy a healthier existence than is now possible. Another area likely to have been further affected by technology in the year 2050 is education. In schools, computers will have replaced teachers and many students will stay at home to complete their education. We will see changes in the work-place too. The two main areas of employment will be the so-called creative and caring professions, and the disappearance of jobs in manufacturing will result in massive unemployment.

When you take a holiday with Activity Wales, you will have the time of your life. As soon as you arrive, you will feel as if you are in a different world. While you are staying with us, we will do our best to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly and you don’t get bored. Activity Wales has something to offer for all ages and tastes. If you want to play golf, ride, sail or fish, our staff will be happy to make the necessary arrangements, or if you simply want to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery we will be delighted to organize some guided walks. Before your holiday is over, you will have already planned your next visit.

British Airways is to install (formal arrange) mini-cameras in every part of their planes. They hope this will reduce the threat of terrorism and also deter passengers from behaving violently and causing trouble on the flights. If passengers become violent or abusive, due to too much alcohol for example, their behaviour will be monitored by cameras and then will be used in court if they are prosecuted.
BA is planning/plans to start the scheme next year. The first trial starts in January.
By the end of the year they will have installed cameras in 60% of their planes. They hope that anti-social behaviour in planes will have been cut dramatically by the end of the year.
Some passengers object to the plan. They feel it will invade their privacy and it could be miss-used if films fall into wrong hands. They plan to campaign against the scheme.

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