Yes, it is getting better to discuss my view in the group. I've got more confidence. 
In the morning we separated in four groups. We've got two clnicians, Dunal and Azam; a manager, Joy; and a nurse, me. We were good group. we got high mark in the last quiz. Judie and Tony planned for this. Actually, that is not an academic discussion, it's a Christmas quiz but it included health information and coding. I got a tiny ring and this crown and some chocolet. That was exactly nothing about the present. It is about t my contribution in the group. I discovered that this kind of discuss relaxed everybody especially me. Consequently, we worked more effectively. 
I chatted with Rachael more freely and deeply (believe me just about who is your favourit super star). I can see my progression. Keep going on with it. 
在上課的活動中,每個人都拿到一個聖誕節小禮物,迫不及待打開這個可愛的糖果包裝的小禮物,裡面的小皇冠跟小玩具很可愛,當然這些是給小朋友的玩具,但出現在這個研究所的課程中反而造成一種輕鬆的效果。大家把皇冠戴上一起做這個名為Christmas Quiz,實為醫學名詞的Coding,很高興大家都輕輕鬆鬆的說說笑笑的,我也不那麼緊張,加上跟Rachael說了一天的英文,所以也參予討論的程度又再增加了---> 喜-ing :))
好喜歡這樣的感覺,希望我的同學都可以感受到,身為一個留學生,能給他們留下美好得印象,也為我留下美好的回憶 :P


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