"Well, I have never had anything like this berfore! I have only entered a few English courses in my life so this is a big surprise. Of course, I have learned English for years, but now I am thinking of taking part in more. The future is wonderful. I have been staying here in Swansea for three months now and I am having a great time. I have already seen all the sights in London and my friend has bought lots of souvenirs. I have sent postcards to all my friends to show them how I have been spending my time. Yes, I really am fnjoying myself. In fact, I want to stay forever."

Dear R,    First of all, sorry I haven't written for so long, but I was in oversea. Have you get your competition results yet? I'm sure you will get Gold Medal since you always work so hard. I am doing my assignment at the moment and I am trying not too worry! well, I am writing from my new flat. Yes, I have moved house! Now I am cleaning and decorating the place to make it looks nice. When it's finished, I am going to have a meeting with you because I have not seen you for months I want you to enter MSN. Write soon and let me know if I'll see you online.  Love, Vivian

For many years researchers have been trying to determine whether animals share with humans the ability to use language. One particular researcher in America has spent the last sixteen years exploring the degree to which a parrot understands what he says. He has found that the bird is able to answer questions about objects and also understands numbers. At the moment the researcher is trying to determine whether the bird actually knows what it is been said or whether it is simply imitating a collection of sounds.


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