19 Nov 2007

To assess the safety and efficacy of the anti-obesity drug rimonabant.Outcomes of interest in the analysis were: mean weight change, proportion of patients achieving at least 10% weight loss, depression and anxiety scores on the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), discontinuation of treatment dues to depressive mood disorders or anxiety, and adverse events. All of these outcomes were measured and analysed after one year of treatment.

This indicated that rimonabant led to significantly greater weight loss than placebo, but that a higher proportion of patients given rimonabant stopped treatment for reasons of depressive mood disorder or anxiety. Adverse events were significantly more common in the rimonabant group.

肥胖已然成為全球性問題,減肥也要遭到憂鬱症的威脅,那麼一開始就作對的事: 維持健康的身體吧

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