There are many religious and secular festivals in the world but Christmas is perhaps one of the most widely celebrated, and yet most misunderstood.
The original religious purpose of this festival, namely the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ in a small town called Bethleham in the Middle East, has gradually been eroded by the secular and materialistic emphasis.
Devout Christians (estimated to be approximately 10% of the population) remember the coming of Christ into this world in humble circumstances, just over 2000 years ago. They will attend church on Christmas Eve, and /or Christmas Day and will sin carols and pray and thank God for sending Jesus to be the saviour of mankind.
Nativity plays, the angel's visit to Mary to tell her hse is to bear a divine child and call him Jesus. Mary and Joseph and the baby have  to say in a stale.
The story generates a colourful and interesting spectacle and is a great favourite with the children.
It also served to brighten up the cold dark days of mid-winter and to create a distraction form the discomforts of the season.
Christians adopted this festival and made it their own.
Christmas tree, the traditional dinner which usually consists of turkey, or goose followed by a special Christmas pudding and cake, the sending of cards, Father Christmas/Santa Claus, Boxing Day...etc. Many of these aspects of Christmas are enjoyable and heart warming, and can have symbolic meaning for those who participate in them. 
The Christmas period may come as a profound shock particularly for those religious, this once deeply religious festival now means nothing more than an endless round of parties, an excuse for over-eating, increased intake of alcohol, and a huge spending spree, urging people to buy more and more expensive toys, drinks and presents. But in spite of the increasing trend towards secularisation, Christmas can still be a precious and meaningful time for those who believe its truths and sesire to see its message of peace, love and forgiveness spread around the globe.
secular: NOT connected with religious or spiritual matters.
eroded: gradually destroyed or worn ayay.
Devout: believing strongly in a religion and obeying all its rules or principles
humble: poor, unimportant.
to bear: to give birth to.
divine: god-link
a stable: a place where animals are kept and fed.
spectacle: something which is impressive to watch.
distraction: a thing which takes your attention away from what you are doing or thinkin about.
to adopt: to use somethinn in a new way which fits your own ideas.
symbolic: used to represent something with a deeper meaning.
profound: deep, strong and full of meaning.
spree: enjoyable activity much more than is usual/狂飲作樂
urge:  strongly advise
trend: general direction in which events are moving.
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